EXCITING NEWS!  Operative Dentistry has been approved by the ADA as a Special Interest Area of General Dentistry – thank you Dr. Gordon Jones, Dr. Jeffrey Nordin and the entire ABOD cadre who worked tirelessly on this arduous undertaking.  Check out the ADA newsletter link:

Annual Meeting Registration should be **$800 for Active Members**, and $500 for Student Members

Please follow the steps listed below to establish your profile:

  1. Please email to obtain your temporary password.
  2. Please go to the “Login” at the upper right of the home page enter your AOD username and the temporary password.
  3. After login, it will take you to your My Account page, where you may change your password (under Account Settings), upload your image and even connect with  social media!

The following applies only to dues paying  (AOD, AODES AND ABOD) members:

NOTE : American Board of Operative Dentistry (ABOD) Members – the AOD and ABOD are collaborating in your annual dues collection and you must pay both at the same time.

NOTE: Academy of Operative Dentistry European Section (AODES) Members – the AOD and the AODES are collaborating in your annual dues collection and you must pay both at the same time.

You will then need to click on the “Upgrade My Account” tab  to open up the Membership Level interface.  Select the proper Membership Level (ABOD members, you will now pay your dues here in addition to the AOD membership) from the UPGRADE tab. You should then select one of the following: Membership, Membership ABOD, Membership NON-US,  Membership NON-US ABOD, Membership NON-US AODES, Membership NON-US AODES ABOD, Life Membership ABOD, or Student Membership ABOD.  After this, you will now be able to pay with a Credit Card or Check.

Once the above steps are completed, you are able to register for the Annual Meeting in Chicago at the member rate – which is $800 for Active Members, and $500 for Student Members.
Thank you for your patience as we move onward and upward.


Rich Stevenson, DDS
Secretary of Academy of Operative Dentistry

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